Rosenvængets Allé 7A, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark Rosenvængets Allé 7A, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
deli steak Østerbro
Gourmandiet. Copenhagen, Denmark

Gourmandiet, set in the wealthy residential district of Østerbro, brings back the traditional local butcher by delivering organic and free-range meat to increasingly health-conscientious consumers.

Overlooked by historic friezes of farmyard and butcher-shop scenes, the shop provides the finest cuts of meat from animals raised in au natural outdoor environments, including wild boar from the Danish island of Gavnø. A large circular glass counter also houses charcuterie and stocks a wide-range of prepared Mediterranean style foods, while square wooden shelves showcase Gourmandiet’s bevy of wines and organic food.

deli steak Østerbro

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