Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

8 Kloof Street, Le Cap 8001, Afrique du Sud 8 Kloof Street, Le Cap 8001, Afrique du Sud
Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants. Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

At first I thought Frankie Fenner was a cafe selling sandwiches and coffee. Well I wasn't exactly wrong. They're part coffee shop, part sandwich shop and part butchery.

Walk up to Frankie Fenner on metal lane and you'll feel like you're in a bygone era where the butcher knows your name and you know exactly where your meat came from. Frankie Fenner supply some meat free of hormones and additives. They have suppliers within the Western Cape that do things a little differently on the farm. Most big food chain suppliers don't even have a butcher section anymore. These guys go so far as to even offer recipes for the cut of meat you buy.

"Meet the new twist on the old-fashioned butcher. A small but growing number of retailers who are aiming to do for meat what others have done for lettuce, tomatoes and eggs: appeal to foodies and locavores who want to be more connected to their food, and to consumers concerned about health, the environment and treating the animals we eat more humanely." - Allison Linn, nbc news.

There's a huge culture growing in Cape Town where foodies want to eat organic local food. Frankie Fenner does to meat what The Old biscuit mill did for fresh produce. You get meat that was treated well and you can taste it. I was sceptical at first but tried one of their pork belly pies. the meat was tender and juicy with a nice layer of fat. I went back there today to see what they had for lunch. Their offerings change on a daily basis depending on what meat they have at the time. they have a limited supply of meat as they get them from a few local meat suppliers so expect some interesting cuts of meat as they don't like to waste. They had a mozarella, tomato and pastrami sandwich on a ciabatta roll. and I bought an egg and chorizo tart just cos i'm hungry like that. man it was good. i'm salivating over this pic I took.
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