Premantura, Croatia Premantura, Croatia
Premantura. Premantura, Croatia

It is the southwestermost settlement on the Istrian peninsula, around 10 kilometers away from Pula. And it rocks. Literally. The near-by cape Kamenjak is a stony piece of nature’s art which can’t be avoided during your visit to Istria. Its remote coastline (about 30 kilometers in length) and lush plant life (over 30 kinds of orchid alone) makes it a perfect spot for a family excursion, but also for those seeking peace in nature. Kamenjak has been under national protection for almost half a century, meaning there are no huge houses, luxurious hotels or fancy casinos in the middle of natural beauty. Just you, the sea, and orchids…. And Premantura village if you suddenly desire to see a human face.

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