Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - État de Rio de Janeiro, Brésil Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - État de Rio de Janeiro, Brésil
Porcao. Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

If you’re craving expertly grilled meats served in endless portions, then don’t miss Porcao restaurant, Rio de Janeiro’s highly popular churrascaria restaurant serving excellent cuts of meat. While the atmosphere is what may be considered as kitschy, this sprawling dining space is nonetheless a great place to indulge in all-you-can-eat tender grilled meats. Just place your green ‘Yes’ token on a visible place on your table, where the waiters will come to your table in an unstoppable procession carrying long skewers of freshly grilled meats, carved directly onto your plate in front of you. Every part of the animal is represented here, be it steak and roast cuts, filet mignon, along with chicken breast, chicken hearts, a wide variety of sausages, and many more carnivorous treats. The meat fest’s barrage won’t stop until you turn your ‘green’ card over to the ‘red’ side. Included in the price is a buffet salad bar with scores of vegetarian and salad items, small seafood dishes, and many cheeses. Be careful not to stock up too much on these items first or else you may not have any room left in your stomach after a few rounds of slice the meat. Children under 6 eat free, and those between 6 and 9 get half off.

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