28 Bedfordbury, London WC2N 4BJ, UK 28 Bedfordbury, London WC2N 4BJ, UK
BYOC. London, United Kingdom

This elegant basement venue can be found underneath a juice bar in trendy Covent Garden and if you’re in the mood for a “speak-easy” kind of night out, then it’s the place to go – but only if you’ve booked in advance that is. BYOC is a novel idea that works well, the venue boasts a nice setting in a wonderful part of the capital, although the entrance takes a bit of finding.

Book Your Slot Online

Patrons have to book in advance via email but once a slot’s been secured, they have a full two hours of fun enjoying the bar’s ambiance whilst sipping on cocktails. These are prepared for them by the resident barman and his trustworthy drinks trolley. The novel approach of having patrons bring their own booze to the venue so the talented barman can create their favourite cocktail, makes for a different kind of experience, and it’s proving to be a real hit!

Antique Drinks Trolley at the Ready

As for the barman, he’s armed with a beautiful antique Italian drinks trolley, loaded up with a nice selection of syrups, freshly squeezed fruit juices, bitters and even home-made cordials along with other essential cocktail ingredients ready to perform his cocktail shaking magic on patrons drinks. Naturally, the barman is happy to suggest a few cocktails too – and this is the fun side of things.

The venue is cool with lots of atmosphere which is perfect for a cocktail or two. Patrons sit on church pews, leaning up against bare brick walls to enjoy the experience, and it’s all about experience at BYOC. The venue is the brainchild of two partners, Aleksey Nikulin and Dan Thomson and since the opening night a while back, have enjoyed considerable success.

Choose Your Poison & Take it With You

Whatever your preferred tipple whether it’s a Martini cocktail, shaken not stirred or something more exotic, it’s up to you to bring the spirit needed to create the cocktail – it’s a fun concept because it basically means any location that’s empty could be turned into a speakeasy type bar, without the need of a drinks licence – all that’s needed is a stylish trolley loaded with cocktail essentials.

The Ethos of BYOC

Aleksey Nikulin is a young entrepreneur who’s originally from Russia and he believes the ethos of being able to wheel a drinks trolley anywhere is a great way to do business. Think sitting in a hairdresser having your roots done whilst sipping on a favourite cocktail. The hairdresser does not need a drinks license because a drinks trolley that serves no alcohol can be taken anywhere, all the customer has to do is bring their favourite tipple with them – the concept is pretty original and definitely fun!

A Great Experience, Fun Concept & Time Well Spent

The cost of the cocktail experience is £20 per person which may sound steep, but it works out at £10 per hour which isn’t that much when you think about it. The fun part of having cocktails stylishly prepared with the barman suggesting new tipples you may never have even heard of, makes for a fun time. The venue resembles a speakeasy and the atmosphere is definitely just that – it has that slightly clandestine feel to it, where people can plot and plan. This has given BYOC its reputation of being a great place to spend a couple of hours in the evening supping cocktails in a rather unique way!

Opening times:

6-11pm daily


£20 per person


28 Bedfordbury

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