Flæsketorvet 81, 1711 Copenhague, Danemark Flæsketorvet 81, 1711 Copenhague, Danemark
Jolene. Copenhague, Denmark

Sun-Thurs 17-02. Fri-Sat 17-03.
“This is not a fucking cocktailbar,” a sign at the bar charmingly states and, sure enough, people are doing shots and swigging bottles rather than demanding anything remotely complicated. It’s slightly seedy, with barren, purple-painted walls and antique candle sticks scattered amongst half-tiled surfaces.

But just being based in Kødbyen, the city’s trendy meatpacking district, gives a place automatic kudos and cool credentials, and Jolene is somehow still hanging onto hers, despite becoming more mainstream and, dare we say it, a bit studenty. (Though nobody seems expected to graduate until their mid-thirties in Denmark.)
A club inside an old slaughterhouse inevitably invites “meat market” cracks. Or perhaps even worse, a club named after the famed Dolly Parton song. Yet Jolene has managed to escape all such gibes about its location in the meatpacking district of Kødbyen. In fact the intimate club, opened by two Icelandic girls, is the hot spot at the moment in Copenhagen, boasting a chilled vibe during the day and one of the city’s best DJ lineups at night—thanks to resident DJ-booker Djuna Barnes.

Expect to see hot-at-the-moment acts like Danish techno master Trentemøller spinning the decks in the Anika Lori-crafted circus-themed booth, or a crowd of impossibly laissez-faire Copenhageners twirling on the dance floors below. Or take a drink outside to sun yourself during the summertime. Either way, it’s all sure to be bloody fun.

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