Grotta de la Civita

Via Civita, 75100 Matera, Italie Via Civita, 75100 Matera, Italie
Grotta de la Civita. Matera, Italie

For some, a quick trip to Miami for some R&R is enough to satisfy their travel craving. For others, nothing short of wandering Asia alone with little more than a backpack will do. If neither of those sound like enough inspiration to getaway, you might consider planning an escape to Sextantio le Grotte dela Cevita, where caves serve as the backdrop for an enchanting Italian getaway. The trip is definitely not for the “road well traveled” type of vacationer. Located 5 hours from the Roma airport, Sextianto demands commitment from its visitors. But for those willing to make the trek, lies great reward.

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