Lion's Head

Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa
hike mountain view walk
Lion's Head. Cape Town, South Africa

It's somewhat of an institution for Capetonians to make the pilgrimage up Lion's Head at full moon. But make no mistake: this is no mere walk in the park. As you approach the summit, you'll find you're scaling a rocky peak, rather than the gradual 'koppie' ascent you started. Old solid chains bolted to the rockface are there to help. In the Summer's heat, remember there's no shade. At night, remember your lights and not toooooo many sundowners on the teeny summit. But do it. This is a Bucket List item of note: incredible views of the setting sun over the Atlantic, and the rising moon, with Table Mountain's stature to your back. INSIDE INFO: Don't leave anything of value in your car. Actually, don't leave anything at all. And leave the glovebox open to prove there's nothing there.

hike mountain view walk

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