Kawachi Fuji Gardens

Kitakyūshū, Préfecture de Fukuoka, Japon Kitakyūshū, Préfecture de Fukuoka, Japon
Kawachi Fuji Gardens. Kitakyūshū, Japon

Phrases like 'jaw-dropping', 'wondrous' and 'devastatingly beautiful' were created for moments like this. Like a Monet painting come to life, you can find this Wisteria Tunnel sitting pretty in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, roughly four hours on the train from Tokyo.

We imagine that walking through the haze of purples, pinks and blues would feel a little like living in Fantasia, and to be honest, it would be disappointing if dancing mushrooms and pirouetting fairies didn't appear.

But the most mind-blowing thought is how much care and patience it would take to maintain this perfection. To think we were proud that our office cacti just celebrated its three-month anniversary!

Strap your jaws up and take a peek at more pictures over here.

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