Bar Nerva

Calle Cristo de la Epidemia, 55, 29013 Málaga, Spain Calle Cristo de la Epidemia, 55, 29013 Málaga, Spain
spanish restaurant tapas

Bar Nerva is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and, once again, I am surprised that on previous visits to Málaga I hadn’t heard of this fabulous family-run tapas bar and restaurant. What alerted me to its existence was an article about a recent “tapas contest” in town and Bar Nerva was one of the ten finalists with its rather odd-looking (but very tasty!) bright pink serranito. But what really won me over on my first visit to the bar was the warmth and enthusiasm of the staff, the great wine list and – of course – the food. There are only a few tapas on the menu, so best to go with friends and share larger plates. Or try the menú del día, which is incredible value at 10€. Be sure to try the croquettes (which is not something I usually say) and the arroz de Ibéricos, which is chock full of jamón and various sausages. I can’t wait to go back.

spanish restaurant tapas

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