Villa Augustus

Oranjelaan 7, 3311 DH Dordrecht, The Netherlands Oranjelaan 7, 3311 DH Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Villa Augustus. Dordrecht, The Netherlands

The hotel / restaurant is located in the former water tower of Dordrecht. Almost every room has a breathtaking view.

Looking out from the north-west facing windows in the water tower, you can see the Wantij and follow a part of the major rivers. The rooms on the other side of the water tower look out across the vegetable garden. And from the rooms in the garden, you can step out, directly into the garden. Enjoy your own set of table and chairs bordering the Italian garden, or looking out across the vegetable patch.

No two rooms are identical; each has its own special atmosphere, colouring and furnishings. You will find a natural mix of styles, comfortable and homely, which will give you the feeling you are staying with good friends.

Two rooms are extra special: the LANTERN ROOM, high up in the tower,
and the room in the GIARDINO SEGRETO, like a summer-house in a secret garden.

Photo source: http://www.centrumdordrecht.nl/v...

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