Midpoint Cafe

Interstate 40 Business, Adrian, TX 79001, USA Interstate 40 Business, Adrian, TX 79001, USA
route 66
Midpoint Cafe. Adrian, United States

Located at the mid-point of the famous Route 66 and home of the Ugly Crust Pie.

Joann had a recipe handed down to her from her Grandmother Glenn for the best pie crust ever; a recipe Grandma called “No-Fail Pie Crust.” The crust recipe did not fail…it was consistently great. The only problem was that Joann could NOT seem to make her crusts as beautifully shaped as she remembered her grandmother doing … they were misshapen, lumpy, and UGLY.

Instead of taking the time to learn the art of pie-crust shaping, Joann simply started calling her pies the 'Ugly Crusts' and let it go as that … really ugly crusts, but really great tasting pies!

The name has stuck, and after many years of baking pies, the crusts have gotten a little less ugly, but they still are not as pretty as Grandma Glenn’s were!

Take a look at this blog for some very nice pictures:

route 66

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