Da' Vinattieri

Via Santa Margherita, 50122 Florence, Italy Via Santa Margherita, 50122 Florence, Italy
Da' Vinattieri. Florence, Italy

Small alley off the Corso and Via Dante Alighieri, right next door to Dante’s church.

Da’ Vinattieri is the real-deal hole-in-the-wall. It is tucked away in a little alley next to the famous church of Dante and Beatrice, directly off the Corso (see map below). You can’t miss it if you walk by at lunch time or really any time on a Sunday as a small crowd will be hovering outside either waiting to order, waiting to receive said order, or enjoying their already delivered aforementioned order. There are usually a few stools and some adorable bikes that have been fitted with tables if you don’t want to sit on the curb. It’s just enough room for a wine glass, which is all you really need.

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