Perché no!

Via dei Tavolini, 1-7, 50122 Florence, Italy Via dei Tavolini, 1-7, 50122 Florence, Italy
Perché no!. Florence, Italy

Founded in 1939, Perché no! is one of the historical ice-cream shop in Florence. The ice-cream is traditionally homemade every morning, hence fresh every day.

It's difficult to suggest which flavour to try first but, while you are in the shop, you have to taste 'CREMA', cooked in the old way with lemon rinds and vanilla, 'PISTACCHIO' with natural Sicilian pistachios, and the other dried fruits tastes like 'HAZELNUT' and the so requested 'ALMOND'. Even the 'CASSATA SICILIANA', made with ricotta cheese and candy fruits, is wonderful. For greediest people there's good variety of variegated flavours like 'PANNA CON AMARENE' with black cherries, 'NOCCIOLOSA' with soft chocolate and hazel-nuts, and 'FIORDILATTE CON MIELE E SESAMO' with chestnut honey and sesame seeds, and others.

Otherwise the fruit flavours ('SORBETTI') are light because they are made just with water. In summer you can choose among many tastes, like 'PEACH, MELON, WATER MELON' and other season fruits. For the hottest moments of the summer you can try the 'GRANITA', made exclusively with fresh fruits with no colouring agents. The 'SEMIFREDDI' like the plain 'WHIPPED CREAM', remain one of the speciality of ;Perchè no!…, and up to today they are made in a pot with whips and the result is remarkable.

Opening Time
All days*: 11:00am - 11:30pm
*Saturday: 11:00 - 12:00pm
*Tuesday: 12:00am - 08:00pm

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