9 Doyers St, Manhattan, NY 10013, USA 9 Doyers St, Manhattan, NY 10013, USA
$15-18/Drink; Trendy
Apotheke. New York, United States

An apothecary-themed cocktail bar, opened inside a former opium den. Co-owners Christopher and Heather Tierney modeled the lounge after old European apothecaries, which did indeed sometimes have bars—they designed the banquettes and added a large red couch and a small ottoman scored from Daniel Boulud when Daniel closed for its makeover. The light sconces are filled with an absinthe-like herbal liquid that emits a soothing scent. The ceiling was uncovered when the one belonging to the previous tenant, Golden Flower, was pulled down, and was then painted with gold leaf. The bar was custom-built using imported marble and some pressed tin purchased from an antique store that also sold Tierney a 200-year-old door equipped with a cool sliding peephole. Stunning? A little bit, yes. And she’ll look even better after a Red Licorice, made with fresh tart cherries, Lowland single malt scotch, absinthe essence, house-made cherry bitters, and cherry licorice rope garnish.
In the spirit of Chinatown, the list of over 250 specialty cocktails is divided into categories such as Health and Beauty (containing cucumber, rose water, floral notes), Stress Relievers (lavender and sage), Pain Killers (cayenne, habanero), Stimulants (espresso, Red Bull), Aphrodisiacs (Champagne, cognac), and Pharmaceuticals (herbal elixers). We’re thinking the Euphoric Enhancers category will get the most attention: The Opium Uplifter is made from South American herbs and botanicals soaked in a Guatemalan rum essence, and is finished with house bitters. The House Absinthe is supposedly made using a secret 200-year-old recipe that involves fermented sugarcane juice.

$15-18/Drink; Trendy

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