5 Hours Maasai Boma & Cultural Tour

Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania
Curio Shops (Arts & Galleries) & Maasai Boma Mto Wa Mbu
5 Hours Maasai Boma & Cultural Tour. Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

1st Stopover: Mto Wa Mbu Town
From your camp/lodge head to Mto Wa Mbu town “Mosquito River”, loosely translated as Mosquito creek nestled in a fertile Rift Valley spreading out from the base of Escarpment and bordering Lake Manyara National Park. Spend some moments walking into the Market where by local vendors selling everything from food to clothing. Depart the Mto Wa Mbu town, the road is lined with boutique for arts and craft.

2nd Stopover: Curio Shops (Arts & Galleries)
Curio Shops, Arts and Galleries are one stop shopping are for local handcraft made by local Tanzania’s, you get to buy various handcrafts made of ebony, redwood etc and various types of painting made by local artisans.

3rd Stopover: Maasai Boma
From Kingongoni junction, drive the Maasai Village and stumble upon the Maasai homesteads thatched by dry grasses and wood fenced loaf-like bomas. The Maasai are a Nilotic enthic group of semi-nomadic people with distinctive customs and dressing style. There are pastoralistic and famous for their fearsome reputations as warriors and battle-rustlers.

Indulge yourself into Maasai culture and customs by dancing, singing and entertaining yourself with fascinating way of jumping. Discover more about the Maasai’s and you can “Maa” language, a member of the Nilo-Saharan language family that is related to Dinka and Nuer.

Curio Shops (Arts & Galleries) & Maasai Boma Mto Wa Mbu

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