5 Days Magical Wildebeest Migration Safari

Serengeti, Tanzania Serengeti, Tanzania
Serengeti National Park
5 Days Magical Wildebeest Migration Safari. , Tanzania

Day 1: Arusha- Serengeti NP
Drive to the Serengeti National Park for the afternoon game viewing. On the way to Serengeti, with your picnic lunch via Olduvai Gorge You will also see donkeys and cattle grazing with zebras around Maasai manyattas (houses) in the Malanja Depression on the left. The stockades around the houses, to keep the animals in at night (and human poachers and wildlife carnivores out), are made from Euphorbia tirucialli. Dinner and overnight at a Camp/lodge in Serengeti

Day 2-4: Following Wildebeest Migration
Two (2) days following wildebeest migration, will give the full glimpse of the Serengeti as you watch the events unfolding before your eyes. As the migration marches on, the plains that the wildebeest and zebra have left behind turn from green to brown while the rainclouds beckon ahead. The plains become a cacophony of sound with the Zebra making their familiar barking “kwa-ha-ha” calls and wildebeest snorting loudly. Younger wildebeest show off their paces while older bulls should rub their facial glands in the grass marking the border that other bulls should not cross. But cross they do and a ritualistic battle for turf and females ensues. These battles rarely result in injuries, the fighting is seldom serious and any pretext is used to break off a confrontation.

Flooded rivers have to be crossed where many animals will drown; calves will die or be lost crossing lakes. At the Grumeti River where migration crosses the western corridor of the Serengeti, crocodile lurk awaiting their annual feast. Lions and other predators follow the migration picking weaker members and the calves. Leopard, often found in trees along the Seronera River, may haul as many as four or five Grant’s or Thomson’s gazelles into their leafy larders. Cheetahs, with their electrifying speed, chase similar prey.

Baboons and jackals often eat the newborn calves of Thomson’s. Vultures arrive on the kill within minutes, greedily and noisily disputing the meal. Even storks and pelicans patiently waiting for the fish to surface on the trampled shallow pools and mud clogs up the gills of fish to breath as the migration crosses the rivers.

Day 5: Serengeti- Fly Home
After an early morning breakfast, you will do last game drive and then drive to Arusha where you will head to KIA and fly home.

OR prolong your safari trip and opt for luxury and relaxation in Zanzibar Island

Serengeti National Park

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