6 Days Kilimanjaro Trek| Rongai Hiking

Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt.Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt.Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania
Kibo Camp Kikelewa Cave Mawenzi Tarn Camp Moshi/Arusha Town Rongai Gate Simba Camp Uhuru Summit and Horombo Hut
6 Days Kilimanjaro Trek| Rongai Hiking. , Tanzania

Day 1: Rongai Gate- Simba Camp (1,950m-2,880m)
After a hearty breakfast, transfer by Land cruiser to the Rongai Gate short after passing Nale Muru village near the Tanzania-Kenya border. The route is one of the less trekked on Kilimanjaro, hence it’s quick to get wind-up the park formalities and begin the hike through less forested zone of mountain where you might encounter wildlife and hear sounds and birds calls. Hours trekking: 9-10 hours Overnight: Simba Camp

Day 2: Simba Camp- Kikelewa Camp (1,950m- 3600m)
As you hike, you leave behind heather zone and pass through the Kilimanjaro’s moorland zone. The route is becomes moderately placid gradient and shorter hiking at times. On the way, you will have lunch and enjoy superb clear and closer views Mawenzi and the eastern ice field on the Crater Rim. You will have dinner and spend night at Kikelewa Caves. Hours trekking: 4-6 hours Overnight: Kikelewa Camp

Day 3: Kikelewa Cave- Mawenzi Tarn Camp (3,600m- 3870m)
Today, your hike to Mawenzi Tarn through the high Kikelewa valley is relatively short but steeper. Magnificent and dramatic closer views of both Mawenzi and the ice field on the crater rim. The vegetation zone becomes very dry and ends shortly before you reach desert like around Mawenzi Tarn beneath the towering Mawenzi summit. At this point, you might probably notice sign of altitude sickness. Hours trekking: 6-8 hours Overnight: Mawenzi Tarn Camp

Day 4: Mawenzi Tarn Camp- Kibo Camp (3870m- 4,750m)
You continue hiking up for almost 5 hours and cross the saddle landscape between Kibo and Mawenzi to reach Kibo Huts at the bottom of Kibo peak where you join a company of climbers on the Marangu Route. Enjoy the stunning views of your final destination point at a distance. Spend the entire day resting, relaxing and preparing yourself for your last day Kilimanjaro ascent. Hours trekking: 5-7 hours Overnight: Kibo Camp

Day 5: Kibo Camp- Uhuru Summit- Horombo Hut (4,750m- 5,895m- 3,720m)
After being awakened and having a hearty breakfast at around midnight, arrives the moment you have been waiting for and dreamed off to reach the highest point on Africa. Around 1 AM, begin your final hike with flashlight to aid your sight, sun glass to protect you from sun rays, walking stick, camera for unforgettable moments and warm layers as the landscape is very high, dry and cold; an environment unsuitable for most life. The Kibo peak is very steep so walk “slowly slowly” or in Swahili “Pole Pole” until you reach the gradual Gilman’s Point (5,680m). Take a few minutes rest while taking spectacular picture and enjoying stunning sunrise over Mawenzi peak. As you continue hiking, it seems a lot easy now. After reaching Uhuru summit, take a lot of pictures with your guides and the group descend to Kibo hut for lunch and a little rest. Then collect your belongings and cross the saddle to the Horombo Hut for dinner and overnight.
Hours trekking: 9-10 hours Overnight: Horombo Hut

Day 6: Horombo Hut- Marangu Gate (3,720m- 1,800m).
After an early breakfast, pack your belonging and descent to Mandara hut. At Mandara, you will have lunch before you continue descending through the most beautiful cloudy and lush moorland forests to Marangu Gate. After tipping and saying welfare to your guides, cooks and porters; you will be transferred back to the lodge/hotel in or Arusha. Hours trekking: 7 hours Overnight: Hotel in Arusha

Day 7: Arusha – Fly Home
After breakfast, you can head to KIA and catch your flight home.

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Kibo Camp Kikelewa Cave Mawenzi Tarn Camp Moshi/Arusha Town Rongai Gate Simba Camp Uhuru Summit and Horombo Hut

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