7 Days Kilimanjaro Trek| Machame Route

Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt.Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt.Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania
Arusha Barafu Camp Barranco Valley Camp Lava tower Camp Machame Camp Machame Gate Shira Camp Uhuru Summit and Mweka Camp
7 Days Kilimanjaro Trek| Machame Route. , Tanzania

Day 1: Machame Gate- Machame Camp (1490m- 2980m).
This morning, pack climbing gear into the Land Rovers and take 45-minute drive from Moshi to the Machame village depending on the condition of the road, possibly drive 3km further from the village to the Machame gate of the Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park. After registering at the park office, head through dense rainforest to the soggy, slippery trailhead especial during heavy rains seasons. Listen to the sounds of many exotic birds, and may even see the black & white Colobus monkeys. Half way stop for lunch and around late afternoon you reach Machame Camp. Spend your first night here. Hours trekking: 6-7 hours Overnight: Machame Camp

Day 2: Machame Camp - Shira Camp (2980m- 3840m)
Wake up and have your breakfast at Machame Camp. Out of the rainforest and into the heath, where you’ll trek through tall grass, fragrant heather, and volcanic rock draped in hairy lichen. You will reach a gentler ascent through the lower alpine moorland, which is notable for beautiful wild alpine flowers and the unique giant lobelia and giant groundsel (senecio kilimanjari) plants. After a short lunch and rest, trek across the rocky ridge into Shira Plateau, catching your first views of the summit from above the clouds. After an hour you will reach Shira camp.
Hours trekking: 7 hours Overnight: Shira Camp

Day 3: Shira Camp- Lava Tower Camp (3840m- 4630m)
Today you will hike Pole, pole (slowly, slowly) east up a steepening path above the highest vegetation towards Kilimanjaro looming mass. The trek now starts to become more difficult, as the trail steepens, and most hikers start to feel the effects of the altitude, such as weakness and lack of breathe. After several hours, you delve deep into the alpine desert and rocky landscape. Lunch is served in a designated area before ascending to the rocky scree path to Lava Tower. For extra credit and if you want to test your ardor, sure-footed can scramble to the top of Lava Tower. Hours trekking: 5-6 Hours Overnight: Lava Tower Camp

Day 4: Lava Tower Camp-Barranco Valley Camp (4630m- 3950m)
After breakfast, you’ll descend into the Great Barranco Valley Camp below the Western Breach and Great Barranco Wall. Hike in this spectacular world of gleaming glaciers, towering cliffs, and sloping valleys. After lunch, scramble up the steep Barranco Wall, enjoying gorgeous views of the glaciers of Kibo, the first of Mt. Kili’s volcanic cones and take some beautiful photographs. Barranco Valley Camp will give you the glimpse of a memorable sunset while you wait for the sumptuous dinner. Hours trekking: 5-6 Hours Overnight: Barranco Camp

Day 5: Barranco Valley Camp - Barafu camp (3950m- 4550m)
After spending a night under the imposing Great Barranco wall, onward and upward you go to the awesome looking obstacle which in the end turns out easier than what you anticipated earlier. Temperatures decline and landscapes grow sparse as you hike a steady incline through the Karanga valley (the last water stop) to Barafu Camp. Spend your afternoon familiarizing yourself with the terrain and prepare your equipment and thermal clothing for your summit attempt. Located on an exposed ridge; this dramatic camp is the staging point from which you traverse into the arctic summit zone tomorrow morning. Try to lie down after dinner to rest though getting asleep may be difficult for the 1345m final ascent. Hours trekking: 7 Hours Overnight: Barafu Camp

Day 6: Barafu camp- Uhuru Summit- Mweka (4550m- 5895m- 3100m)
Wake up around midnight and have breakfast before you start hiking up into the night on the steepest and demanding part of the Kilimanjaro. If you are lucky enough, the moonlight will light your steps up on the northwest through the most challenging heavy loose scree and boulders trails all the way to Stella point. At this point, you will have a short rest and welcome a new dawn with amazing and stunning sunrise. Then continue to Uhuru Summit, the highest point in Africa and the world's highest freestanding peak where you create memories of lifetime. Take time to celebrate with your fellow trekkers, and snap once-in-a-lifetime photos before descending to Barafu camp. At the camp, pack your belongings then descend to Mweka through empty rocky landscapes, moorland and lush forest. At the camp, you will celebrate the successful summit by grabbing some soft drinks or couple of beers and spend your last precious sleep on the cool mountain weather. Hours trekking: 8 Hours and 7 Hours to Uhuru and Mweka respectively. Overnight: Mweka Camp

Day 7: Mweka camp - Mweka Gate (3100m- 1828m).
After a hearty breakfast, you will head down to Mweka gate with picnic lunch box. At the gate, you will do some clearance by signing in a register and receive summit certificates if you are a successful climber and gold certificates if you reached Uhuru peak from park authority. Our representative will be waiting for and thereafter transfer you to a hotel in Arusha Town for an outstanding hot shower for a couple of minute and comfortable night.
Hours trekking: 3 Hours Overnight: Hotel in Arusha

Day 8: Arusha – Fly Home
After breakfast, you can head to KIA and catch your flight home.

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Arusha Barafu Camp Barranco Valley Camp Lava tower Camp Machame Camp Machame Gate Shira Camp Uhuru Summit and Mweka Camp

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