Goods Way, London Borough of Camden, N1C, UK Goods Way, London Borough of Camden, N1C, UK
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Shrimpy's. London, United Kingdom

The boys behind Bistroteque are slinging Mexi-Cali belly ballast from a retro-LA canal-side joint that used to be a petrol station (and still could give you... well, you know), now built out with a polished copper bar, small, cartoon-y paintings of old movie stars daubed onto the walls, and very expensive-looking cutlery.
The head chef personally roamed The Americas' southern parts so that his impeccably neat, white-coated wait staff might serve Peruvian ceviche sided by plantains, veal heart w/ chorizo & caper dressing, and a grilled cheese & pimento sandwich that'll really get you into the grove.
Nourishment gets bigger with a hulking soft-shell crab burger smothered in avo, fried chicken w/ red pepper polenta, and -- covered in chilli/radish/lemon -- some monkfish so tasty it could become a habit, unless celibacy prevents the spawning of any more monkfish.
They're aiming to add an outdoor bar in the next couple of weeks, serving Palm Springs-inspired hooch like a frozen Habanero Margarita and equally zesty Chilli Limeaid, all to be served on the old station forecourt, which should get you totally pumped.

Southern Thrillist

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