Ride a Heritage Routemaster bus

Trafalgar Square, WC2, London, United Kingdom Trafalgar Square, WC2, London, United Kingdom
London bus doubledecker traditional
Ride a Heritage Routemaster bus. London, United Kingdom

Ride on a classic red double decker bus (with the open platform at the back).

There are still two 'heritage' bus routes in London. Route 9 runs between Kensington and Trafalgar Square, passing by Knightsbridge, the Royal Albert Hall, Piccadilly and St James Street. Route 15 runs between Tower Hill and Trafalgar Square, passing by Fleet Street, St Paul's and Monument.

If in doubt as to where to catch one of these buses, then simply start your journey at Trafalgar Square. Sit on the top deck at the front of the bus for the best views of London. I caught it at Tower Hill and rode all the way to Trafalgar Square.

Buses run daily from approximately 09.30 to 18.30. Route 15 buses run every 15 minutes and Route 9 buses every 20 minutes. The bus fare costs the same as that on normal buses, and Oystercards and travelcards will be checked by the conductor.

London bus doubledecker traditional

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