The Henry Root

9 Park Walk, London, Greater London SW10 0AJ, UK 9 Park Walk, London, Greater London SW10 0AJ, UK
food lunch

If you’re out shopping in South Ken, I recommend strolling over to Fulham Road and dropping into the Henry Root as I did last weekend. Named after the man-about-town who lived on the street, this brightly lit eatery has a current feel with retro whiffs (like it has nice furniture alongside old stuff that isn’t at all grubby). The kitchen is situated under a skylight, so you can see everything that’s going on. The menu changes weekly alongside a ‘daily paper’ menu that well, changes each morning. The food is lovely Frenchy country bistro style but I’d say the main draw is the stunning wine list packed with small producers’ and owner growers’ lively offerings. What a great place for a long lunch with an old (or new!) friend. / Chloe McCloskey

food lunch

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