Foxcroft and Ginger

City of Westminster, London W1F 0DR, UK City of Westminster, London W1F 0DR, UK

What do we really love about Foxcroft & Ginger? Is it their admirable confidence in locating only a few doors down from Flat White? Could it be that they serve their smooth blend of coffee in the finest posh granny-chic crockery? Quite possibly it’s their daily selection of freshly prepared, well-packed sandwiches? Nope. Nor is it their afternoon teas, deli section or all manner of other fine delicacies. It’s because after numerous visits I ventured downstairs and clocked their old school pommel horse (pictured) – which has been lovingly put out to pasture in their most snazzy basement – and yearned, in tranquil comfort, for the biceps and upper body strength to throw myself about like a fleshy frisbee. Sadly, Brian Jacks I ain’t. / Eamon Downes


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