Wilbur Hot springs

3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Williams, CA 95987, USA 3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Williams, CA 95987, USA
Wilbur Hot springs. Williams, United States

hot springs and hotel
communal kitchen

Wilbur might offer never nudes the greatest opportunity for transformation. The place where you'll show up in cutoffs and leave in only what the good goddess gave you. Naked bodies are significantly less interesting than the ultra-relaxed vibe here. A calming drive through scenic Capay Valley farmlands helps set the pace. By the time you reach Wilbur's entrance gate, you’re already mentally nude.
Much is made of Wilbur’s silky, green-tinted waters. Regulars cite the presence of lithium as explanation of their magical, melting effect. Nudity is confined to the Fluminarium — an open-air barnlike structure sheltering three flumes of geothermal water — and its surrounding decks. Most guests wear bathrobes (bring your own) and disrobe only upon entering the water. When I made the case for swimsuits, a staff member recoiled as if I suggested squirting ketchup on steak.
While the Fluminarium is all about quiet contemplation, a spacious communal kitchen fosters a convivial social scene. Wilbur also hosts regular Guest Chef Weekends where a visiting chef prepares all meals for guests.

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