Palazzo Cardinal Cesi

Via della Conciliazione 59, 00193, Rome, Italy Via della Conciliazione 59, 00193, Rome, Italy
152 eur /night
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Palazzo Cardinal Cesi. Rome, Italy

Step out of Palazzo Cardinal Cesi straight into Saint Peter’s Square. The hotel is located on one of Rome’s most famous streets.

Set on beautiful Via della Conciliazione, the wide boulevard which links Castel Sant’Angelo and the river to Saint Peter’s Basilica. A stroll over the river will take you to Rome’s historic centre and buses run frequently from here. Metro stops are just a short walk away.

You can relax in the private courtyard garden or on the roof terrace, which offers stunning views.

The breakfast is served in the old Refectory, where monks once ate. Great restaurants, cafés, shops and bars are located close to Palazzo Cardinal Cesi.

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