Colonna & Smalls

6 Chapel Row, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset BA1, UK 6 Chapel Row, Bath, Bath and North East Somerset BA1, UK
Colonna & Smalls. Bath, United Kingdom

Coffee lovers from all over the world could not fail to be impressed by Colonna & Smalls. It is the kind of place that does not need to advertise to ensure that all the seats are always full. A friend took me here and since I have taken about 7 other people back, to exponential effect (I hope!) As a newbie you get an introduction to "how it all works" and a run through of the day's coffees (they change the roasts fairly reguarly). You can have espresso, milky coffee (of some description) or filter coffee. Within these categories there are 3-4 different variations, with odd descriptions such as 'puff pastry' or 'sandalwood' but all of them taste delicious, always. They are not tacky flavourings in the slightest, but beans from a particular part of the world or roasted in a certain way to bring out certain undertones in the coffee. (I think I've got most of this right, but ask them in there, they're the experts.) Oh, and if you usually have sugar in your coffee, first try these without, they are meant to be delicious as they are. It's also a lovely spacious layout, with arty wooden tables, a cosy downstairs and a peaceful sun-catching secret garden out the back.

+44 77 66 80 80 67

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