Det Lille Apotek

Store kannikestræde 15, 1172, Copenhagen, Denmark Store kannikestræde 15, 1172, Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Town smørrebrød
Det Lille Apotek. Copenhagen, Denmark

Just around the corner from Paludan. Literally translated this means “the little chemist/pharmacy”, perhaps that was its original tenancy! Currently, however, this place is renowned for serving traditional Danish food in a cosy, candlelit setting. I had a meal here – a massive board of Danish cheeses – when my sister and her fiancé were visiting. It was delicious, but the menu is quite pricey (compared to Glasgow), so it’s perhaps a place best reserved for when your friends or parents are over and you can treat yourself!

Source: http://universitypost.dk/article...

Danish Town smørrebrød

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