Paludan Bogcafe

Fiolstræde 10-12,1171,Copenhagen,Denmark Fiolstræde 10-12,1171,Copenhagen,Denmark
bookshop cafe food
Paludan Bogcafe. Copenhagen, Denmark

terally, the book café – located in Copenhagen’s old Latin Quarter, just opposite the library that looks something out of Harry Potter/Star Wars. By no exaggeration, I spent at least half the days of my exchange in this place. Crazy, perhaps. But this place was our Central Perk; books lined the sprawling walls, the food and drink were decently priced, the coffee always tasted like biscotti, and this was my friend’s and I’s meeting place during the entirety of our exchange. The place is 120 years old, and it helps that there is no anti-loitering policy (i.e. I would buy coffee and sit there for 4 hours…). Perfect place to catch up, get some work done, or simply enjoy one of their delicious brunches – having experienced perhaps every brunch the eateries of Copenhagen had to offer, first place definitely goes to Paludan!

bookshop cafe food

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