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Getting started

What is Everplaces?

Everplaces is a tool to help you keep track of all the places you love around the world. You can build your own collection by saving places you recommend or places you would like to visit one day.

You can also browse collections created by others to discover new places and follow people who share your interests.

What to use it for?

People use Everplaces to remember the special places they visit, collect and share recommendations with others, keep a to-do list of places they want to visit or simply to discover new places.

In which devices can I use Everplaces?

Everplaces works on desktop and mobile, your account will automatically sync so you can have your information accessible at all times.

There's an iPhone app available in the App Store. If you are interested in an Android version, let us know here.

Signup and Login

How to get an account

To use Everplaces you need to set up an account for free and you can do that via Facebook Connect or using an email and password.

Why sign up with Facebook?

It's the fastest way to get in! But also great because:

- We find your friends already using Everplaces, so you can connect with them straight away

- It makes it faster to share your places going forward

- Your Everplaces profile looks nice and personal from the start, as we use your Facebook picture and location.

- You can then also login to your Everplaces account using Facebook.

Saving places

How to save places on the Everplaces website

Start by clicking the big 'Add new place' button on the top bar, and then enter an address or drop a pin on the map by clicking on the point you want to save.

You can personalize your places by adding pictures, notes and tags to them. You can also choose to make a place private so it's only visible to you.

How to save places with the bookmarklet

Often read about places you'd love to try out? Save them easily using the Everplaces bookmarklet. Once the button is set up in your browser, you can save places to your Everplaces collection from any other website.

Just click on the 'Add place' button in your bookmarks bar and you'll see a small window where you can easily copy/paste the details you need from the website. Get the button here.

How to save places from other people

You can save places to your collection from other people, there's two ways to do it:

1) From the 'thumbnail': hover over the place and click the Save button.

2) From the 'place details': click the big 'Save' button.

The place will be saved to your collection, including pictures and all details. After you've saved the place, you can edit the details or add your own images.

How to save places from your mobile

Save the places on the go using our mobile app. You can save any place, no matter where it is!

Using your current location:
- Click the round button and enter the name of the place you want to add, we'll give you suggestions of places nearby, so you can choose from the list or enter a different one.
- When you are done, click Add to enter optional details like picture, category, note or tags, then click Done.

Places where you're not at:
- Click the round button and untick the 'Using current location' option
- Navigate the map and tap on the point that you want to add, or click 'Address' to enter an address yourself. Once you have selected a location, we'll give you suggestions of places near that point, so you can choose from the list or enter a different one.
- When you are done, click Add to enter optional details like picture, category, note or tags, then click Done.

Import your data from other services

We integrate with other services so you can keep all your favorite places in one place. Right now you can import from Google MyMaps (more services will follow). Import your Google MyMaps data here.

Sharing places

How to share places from the web or mobile

Share any place in your collection by sending an email, text message or posting to Facebook or Twitter. You can do that both from the web or mobile, just click on the place you want to share and you'll spot the 'Share' button.

From web:

From mobile:

What information can I share?

With Everplaces you can easily share a single place (see above), all the places in one city or your full collection with one link. Go to your profile and find the city, category or country you want to share and copy the link from your browser.

Finding and following people

How to find likeminded people

Find people that share your interests so you can follow them and get the places they save in your stream. Head over to the 'Follow' page and browse suggested users to find interesting people.

How to find and follow your friends

Go to the 'Follow' page and connect your account to Facebook or Twitter (if you haven't already).

Once you do it, we'll show you a list of your friends already using Everplaces and you can follow them straight away.

Offline use

Can I use Everplaces offline?

Absolutely! You can use Everplaces on your mobile without using any data connection - especially great when traveling.

This is what you can do with Everplaces while being offline:

1) See all the places saved in your collection that have been synced to your phone while you were online

2) Edit any place in your collection and your changes will be synced next time you're online

3) Save new places to your collection and add pictures, notes and tags, as usual. We'll use your GPS to add the current location to your entry and sync all the new stuff once you're back online

4) Share by text/SMS any place in your collection that has already been synced

Tips for using the maps while being offline

The one thing that won't be available when your phone doesn't have data connection is the maps. However, here's a small trick to make sure you can use them when you're out exploring:

Before you go offline (for example, when you're at the airport waiting to board your plane):

- Make sure you open the app and load the map of the city/area where you will be offline. You can do this by panning and zooming the map, either from the 'Nearby' tab or the 'Add place' round button

- Make sure to zoom in all the way to the level you would like your phone memory to remember

- Close the app and get ready to go - we don't want you to miss your plane!

If you have the chance, try to do this every time you can get data connection/WiFi while you're traveling.

Profile settings

Add or change your profile picture

Give a face to your profile by adding a picture, you can add or change it if you go to 'Settings'. If you sign up with Facebook, we'll take your profile picture from there, but you can change it anytime.

Add a bio to your profile

A bio is a short intro about yourself and the type of places you're into. It's good to add it for others to know if you have common interests. Just go to 'Settings', enter your text and save the changes.

You have 160 characters to make an impression. Start typing and remember you're awesome!

How to change your password

Shall you want to change your password, head over to the 'Settings' area, where you'll be able to choose a new one.

Forgot your password

If you happened to forget your password, don't panic, just enter your email here, and we'll help you getting a new one.

How to change your username

Your username is part of your vanity url on Everplaces (everplaces.com/username), it can be anything but should not include strange characters. We recommend to keep it short and easy to spell.

You can change it by going to 'Settings'.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts for easy sharing of places through those services and for finding your friends already using Everplaces.

We won't ever post to your wall or stream without your permission. You can connect your accounts anytime, from either the 'Follow' tab or under 'Settings'.

How to delete your account

If you would like to delete your account *knocking on wood*, you can do that under 'Settings'. All your data will be removed.