Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary
Kandallo. Budapest, Hungary

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Kertész utca 33. used to function as a fireplace (kandalló) store but now it's called Kandalló Artisanal Pub. The fire behind the bar, and the hand made design are not the only things that guarantee the cozy atmosphere; here the staff really cares about us, they want us to be happy and even the chef comes out every once in a while to entertain the guests. However, Kandalló is more of a drinking place, with Békésszentandrási, Rizmajer and Gyertyános beers with special tastes, quality wines from Szemes, Szecskő, Szentesi, Károly Barta, Géza Legli and Márkáházy and Gyulai pálinkas.

+36 1 788 3568

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