Faro De Formentor

PM-221, 07460, Balearen, Spanien PM-221, 07460, Balearen, Spanien
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Faro De Formentor. , Spanien

The lightning tower of Formentor is located on the northernmost point of Majorca, with its highest point Fumart at 384m above sea level. The northernmost end of the Majorcan world was formed quite bizarrely by the wind and water. The steps, walls, paths and the lighthouse on Cap de Formentor were built from the cliffs in 1892. The headland has quite a few lookout points with spectacular views. The most well-known is Mirador del Mal Pas, also named Mirador d'es Colomer after the small island Colomer.

A restaurant and cafe are located in the building

culture drink eat sightseeing

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