MACBA: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Carrer Àngels, 08001, Barcelona, Spain Carrer Àngels, 08001, Barcelona, Spain
art exhibition museum
MACBA: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in the Plaça dels Àngels, in El Raval, Ciutat Vella. Its origin dates back to 1959, as art critic Alexandre Cirici Pellicer formed a group of contemporary artists showing their works in a series of 23 exhibitions with the hopes of beginning a collection for a new contemporary art museum in Barcelona, but wasn´t implemented until 1986, when the Barcelona City Council recommended the American architect Richard Meier & Partners to design the museum.

The museum exhibits a permanent collection dating back to the mid-20th century, and three periods of modern art: the forties to the sixties; the sixties and seventies; and the contemporary period, all focusing on post-1945 Catalan and Spanish art and some International artists.

As a public entity, the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) assumes responsibility for disseminating contemporary art, offering a diverse range of visions, and generating critical debates on art and culture, while aspiring to reach increasingly diverse audiences. MACBA is an open institution where vistors can find a space of public representation, and also prioritises education and innovation in its field.

The MACBA Collection now consists of over 5,000 works. Nearly 300 works have left MACBA during 2012 to take part in national and international exhibitions, and 645 works were incorporated in the MACBA Collection in 2012. (Pictures by courtesy of MACBA & Rafael Vargas)

Current exhibitions include:

Eulàlia Grau. I Have Never Painted Golden Angels - 08 Feb. 2013 - 26 May 2013

Ahlam Shibli. Phantom Home - 25 Jan. 2013 - 28 Apr. 2013

Critical Episodes (1957-2011). MACBA Collection This exhibition takes the form of a sequence of six episodes or passages that can be read with relative autonomy. - A partir del 8 de nov. 2012

Fissures Critical Episodes (1957-2011). MACBA Collection - 08 Nov. 2012 - 17 Feb. 2013

Voyeurism, Fetishism and Narcissism Critical Episodes (1957-2011). MACBA Collection - 08 Nov. 2012 - 17 Feb. 2013

Content Becomes Something to be Avoided like a Plague Critical Episodes (1957-2011). MACBA Collection - 8 nov. 2012 - mid 2013

The Art of the First Globalisation Critical Episodes (1957-2011). - 8 nov. 2012 - mid 2013

• Winter - From 25 September to 23 June
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 11am to 7.30pm
Tuesday closed (except public holidays)
Saturday, 10am to 9pm, Sunday, public holidays and 1 May, 10am to 3pm
Closed 25 December and 1 January

• Summer - From 24 June to 24 September
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 11am to 8pm
Tuesday closed (except public holidays)
Friday, 11am to 10pm, Saturday, 10am to 10pm
Sunday and public holidays 10am to 3pm

Entry: 9€

+34 934 12 08 10

art exhibition museum

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