We're an international team of dedicated people.
We love travel and are working on a revolution.

Jobs and travel, work and the use of the latest technologies that would simplify our lives are the direction in which the society of our era is moving. When comfort and technological advances go hand in hand; If you need a kind of work that is difficult for you to do, even using programs, you can turn to the best writing service.


We are looking for an experienced Android developer to join our dynamic team. We build location-based apps, and are passionate about a beautiful and smooth user experience.

We’ve built a world-class app-development engine for iOS. Now, we seek an Android developer to work on programming a specific app, as well as help us build up our general Android capabilities to the same level.

So if you’re a developer who enjoys teaching and looking at the big picture, while also coding top quality apps, this is a great opportunity for you.

The initial duration is for the month of January, but there is an opportunity for this to become an ongoing or recurring arrangement. We’re flexible with working hours.

What we seek is a talented and problem-solving developer who will join us in our Copenhagen HQ. Alternatively, this could be a person working remotely, in which case we seek a person outside Denmark for a longer duration of time.

What we are looking for:
  • 2+ years of experience with Android and Java
  • Location-based experience is a definite plus
  • You are proactive, creative, productive
  • You love clean, optimized code
  • Deep understanding of programming, architecture and supporting libraries and technologies for Android apps

Sounds like something for you? Get in contact with a link to apps you’ve developed and your GitHub repo. It is not your degrees, but your ability to code that we are interested in!

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Good design and an engaging UI is at the core of what we do at Everplaces, and therefore so is JS. But JS is about much more than pretty effects. It's about integration, optimization and the user experience.

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What we are looking for:

  • First of all that you fit in our close knit and ambitious team
  • Expertise in client side Javascript
  • The love of clean optimized code
  • That you are ambitious and looking for responsibility
  • That you are ready to live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark

It is not your degrees, but your ability to code that we are interested in.

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Want to work for one of Denmark's most ambitious startups? Want to work at Founders House among some of the most talented people in the European tech startup scene?

We are looking for a strong backend developer to join our family in bringing better experiences to travelers all over the world.

What we are looking for:

  • 2+ years of experience with Python and Django
  • Experience working with JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, and HTML
  • You should be proactive, creative, productive
  • A self-starter with a strong desire to learn new concepts
  • That you are ready to live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark

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It is not your degrees, but your ability to code that we are interested in.

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Do you dream of becoming a writer, a journalist or just really want to work in travel?

Everplaces is on a mission to help people enjoy life to the fullest by providing information that is more honest and trustworthy than what's currently out there.

This internship is connected to our niche travel guide project, and involves researching and writing topical travel guides.

You need to write really well in English, but we would consider someone who'd like to write in Spanish or German too. The internship is unpaid and starts now or in August. You can work remotely, or from our office in Copenhagen. We expect you work hard and think creatively.

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Tine is the CEO, so she drives the team and makes sure we never run out of energy (and parties). She's often out meeting people or speaking at conferences around the world.


Chris runs the development team and obsesses over user experience. He has a background in architecture, and when he's not coding away, he's sailing in the Mediterranean.


Angie is in charge of the product design. She has a compulsion for detail and is permanently on the hunt for pretty stuff. She loves music and is the expert in spilling coffee.


Karlo builds our iOS apps. When not hacking away on Xcode, he is looking for great coffee places and chasing old classic novels for his ever growing personal collection.


Ani is our voice when you have a question, problem or idea about Everplaces. She's been around the world and is always planning her next adventure.


Mark works developing our iOS app. He's an iPhone and gadget geek (no surprise there) and enjoys a good round of PS FIFA. Despite disliking rain, he dared to move to Copenhagen.


Jane works with all things marketing and assists in the commercial department. She's Korean, loves feathers and is obsessed with castle hunting around the world.


Simon is our frontend/JS expert. He loves geeking and learning about new dev stuff and spends a lot of his spare time reading books and watching a crazy amount of movies.