Bronnoysund, Norway Bronnoysund, Norway
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Torghatten. Bronnoysund, Norway

13 kilometers south-west of Brønnøysund the Torghatten is worth a visit. The mountain has a 20m wide, 35m heigh and 160 deep hole in it, that was washed out by the sea as the sea level was still higher as the rock. A more romantic reasons is explained with a troll saga (like many other explainations in Norway). On the way up you can find four QR-codes (see pictures). I thought it will give you some more information, but it is a ralley you can complete during the way up (use good walking shoes). Make sure to have your QR-code scanner with you. If not here are the collected links for a printout.

1. http://geotoper.wordpress.com/to...
2. http://geotoper.wordpress.com/to...
3. http://geotoper.wordpress.com/to...
4. http://geotoper.wordpress.com/to...

camping travel vacation

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