Noravank Monastery

Areni, Armenia Areni, Armenia
climb gorge stairs
Noravank Monastery. Areni, Armenia

Noravank, meaning New Monastery, is an incredible sight. As you turn off the highway and enter the deep gorge, you are starting to grasp the beauty that awaits you. Reaching the middle of the gorge you find it, canvassed by high rocks of a dramatic brick-red shade - there in all that wilderness a monastery standing in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Welcome to Noravank! Built in the 13th century it includes two churches - Surb Astvatsatsin and Surb Karapet. What is cool and iconic about the first church, designed by famous sculptor Momik, is the flight of two very narrow stone stairs coming out of the wall and leading to the upper chamber. It is a climb definitely not for weak-hearted and those with fear of heights. By the second church raise your gaze to the top of the entrance, you will find the only existing carving of God the Father. On the way to Noravank, make sure to stop at one of the roadside stalls, selling homemade wine and vodka. This is our wine-producing region, so stock up. In October you can observe the winemaking process in nearby Areni and Getap villages.

climb gorge stairs

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