*Pony Hütchen

Pücklerstraße 33, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland Pücklerstraße 33, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland
interior second hand vintage
*Pony Hütchen. Berlin, Germany

I was falling in love with this shop, the moment I entered it the first time. Either you are looking for great vintage interior or clothing, you will find something gorgeous and unique, for sure. The name "pony hütchen" originally comes from Erich Kästner's "Emil and the Detectives" - at that time "Pony Hütchen" was helping Emil to find the thief - and now she is helping you to find the right dress, shoe, pullover or purse for your perfect vintage styling. / opening hours: monday-thursday 3-8pm, friday-saturday 1-8pm

interior second hand vintage

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