Serenity Cupcakes

Grønnegade 32, 1107 Copenhagen, Denmark Grønnegade 32, 1107 Copenhagen, Denmark
Serenity Cupcakes. Copenhagen, Denmark

Serenity Cupcakes is an enchanting little cupcake bakery situated on a little side street off Kongens Nytorv. Serenity is more boutique than café selling a variety of creatively named cupcake flavours such as Banana Bumblebee, Chocolate O’dream and Red Liquorice Devil.

Your cakes are served on iconic Royal Copenhagen china. There is a wonderful range of A.C. Perch’s tea or coffee from The Coffee Collective.

Much thought and love has been put in to creating a cozy, feminine atmosphere where you can relax and indulge. Forget retail therapy, this is cupcake therapy.

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