The D diner

Gammel Jernbanevej 1, 2500, Copenhagen, Denmark Gammel Jernbanevej 1, 2500, Copenhagen, Denmark
American diner Diner
The D diner. Copenhagen, Denmark

The D Diner is an American inspired diner located in an area just outside of the city center. You will find this awesome diner with the old school diner facade on Gammel Jernbanevej 1 in Valby. The interior is exactly like you would have imagined from a 60's diner in America. The red leather booth seats, the classic diner counter with the round black stools and of course the tunes of Mr. Elvis Prestley. Not to mention the food - but wow! So simple, so American and so tasteful for really good prices. I had the omelette with potatoes and cheddar cheese and blueberry pancakes. All of this was too much for one person. But hey that is how the Americans do it - big portions. This is definently one of the most authentic places I've eaten at in Denmark and I loved it!

American diner Diner

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