Armalygal Campsite

Carretera A-132, 22808 Murillo de Gállego, Spain Carretera A-132, 22808 Murillo de Gállego, Spain
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Armalygal Campsite. Murillo de Gállego, Spain

OK, so it's only a campsite and a small campsite at that but this has to get the vote for campsite with one of the World's Best Views! There is no better place in the area to watch the sunrise or set and all the changing colours on the Mallos de Riglos rocks than at the poolside here. You can join in a game of volleyball with the locals by the pool. There is also small bar/restaurant with that view too, where they have bands playing. This place is a gem, only five minutes walk from the village. http://www.armalygal-camping.com

camping local views

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