Somontano Wine Region

A-2208, 22300 Barbastro, Spain A-2208, 22300 Barbastro, Spain
Wine culture local
Somontano Wine Region. Barbastro, Spain

A small wine region with a climate that promotes the growth of a myriad of grape varieties. This is an up and coming wine region which is often overshadowed by the more well known Northern rival, Rioja. The wine here is understated magic from fruity gerstramminers, award winning rieslings and rich reds including grapes such as Garnacha and Parraleta which are local only to this region. Vinas Del Vero has a modern tasting room with excellent service and a great variety to try, they also stock their limited reserve Blecua - you will not be short of options for souvenirs or gifts. Vinos del Vero are open monday to friday 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm, saturdays 10am to 2pm and they partially open on national holidays. Book ahead for saturdays or holidays otherwise just drop by. Website: http://www.vinasdelvero.es/

Wine culture local

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