The Butcher Bar - SPEAKEASY

Albert Cuypstraat 129, 1072 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Albert Cuypstraat 129, 1072 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Butcher Bar - SPEAKEASY. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call first or you won't get in. And even then you might not get in. You need a password and to know someone, but if you have the patience - give it a crack. Bit cheesy on the weekend, but during the week its good.

Lying smack in the middle of Holland's most famous market street, De Albert Cuyp, to the casual, non-informed observer The Butcher is a modern high-end burger joint open till late. However, while a great place to have a burger it's also the front for Amsterdam's most hidden bar.

Head to the back of the shop and press the intercom. Give the right name and password and the wall should slide open and you'll be steered away from the white tiled burger shop and into a dark steel-clad room dominated by an island bar. The darkness and steel walls make it feel somewhat submarine-like and the stark look prevents Butcher being described as a 'Prohibition-style bar'. This is more a spaceship-styled bar.

The whole operation is owned and run by Yossi Eliyahoo (owner of Momo Restaurant Amsterdam) and Ricardo Sporkslede (Fabulous Shakerboys, Bartender Network). Ricardo has scoured Europe for a crack team of bartenders so expect great cocktails. Try the Jenever Old Fashioned. Oh, and be sure to call and make a reservation. No exceptions. 4.5/5

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