Malvasia, All'Adriatico Mar

Calle Crosera 3767, 30125, Venezia, Italy Calle Crosera 3767, 30125, Venezia, Italy
Malvasia, All'Adriatico Mar. Venezia, Italy

Marco and Francesco were architects who, when the economic crisis hit, decided to open this small, cosy wine bar.

The venue was designed by the owners themselves, with all the decor being vintage pieces from their family's home (think nonna's table, auntie's lamp...). Their plan was to create an aperitivo bar with a wicked boat dock perfect for sitting down at or arriving by canal.

The restaurant is inspired by the Adriatic Sea, and the name, Malvasia, owes to wine from Crete Island in Greece. The food is from local orchards on the islands of the lagoon, and they only serve seasonal products — this is almost literally zero-kilometre cuisine. The restaurant is the owners' way of commemorating the relationship between Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

Open: Monday to Saturday from 11am till midnight for breakfast, lunch, aperitivo, and dinner.

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