Dinamo Artcrafts

San Polo 2583, 30125, Venezia, Italy San Polo 2583, 30125, Venezia, Italy
Dinamo Artcrafts. Venezia, Italy

Silvia, Lisa, and Alessandra are three proud Venetian sisters who, after living abroad in far-flung places, came back to their island to promote local artisans. Venice used to be a very artisan-focused city, but these girls saw that the artwork and local artists were disappearing -- their mission is now to promote all the young, artistic Venetians who want to continue with old traditions.

They sell all types of home decor items, from paintings to ceramics and other design elements. All their products are handmade in Venice, by local artists using Italian materials.

Open Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 7:00pm.

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