22 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089129 22 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089129
Muchachos. Singapore, Singapore

Another Keong Saik opening, this time one adding to the growing number of grab-and-go Mexican joints in the greater Chinatown area. Muchachos’ approach is similar to the build-your-own-burrito concept of China Square’s MexOut – owners Jonathan Yang (an ex-PR consultant) and SHATEC-grad Elson Lee, the self-described muchachos with a brotherly bond, were likewise inspired by American-style burrito joints that take their reference from the ones found in San Francisco's Mission District.

With a minimalist, semi-industrial feel, the restaurant’s aim is simple: ‘burritos from noon to midnight’, as it says on their door. Prices start from $9 for a smaller-sized burritino (for the ‘womenfolk’ and ‘nansy-pansies’, taunts their distressed copper signboard), and $12 for a fuller burrito – the lowest prices of all the recent Mexican joints (and which may have also inspired Club Street’s Pistola into lowering their prices to a flat $12 for all items).

There’s a basic selection of beans, rice and salsa, plus the option of five proteins to add into your burrito (all for the base price) – we recommend the sinfully juicy pork butt carnitas cooked in its own fat, or the oven-braised lamb shoulder barbacoa; the pescado, a deepfried and battered whitefish fillet made Baja-style, looks tempting as well. Price supplements are included for the cheese blend of cheddar and Monterey Jack ($1), which is steamed to gooeyness the traditional Mexican way in a specially-imported machine, and guacamole ($2). At the end of the line, you have the option of smothering your hand-held meal in a collection of free hot sauces like Cholula and Sriracha.

Sans hot sauces, the burritos are pretty mild spice-wise. But, if your mouth ever needs a hose down, Muchachos mercifully offers a tall glass of tap water for free, and sells bottles of Vitaminwater, Schwepps Ginger Beer and coconut water, with future plans of introducing the quintessentially Mexican Corona.

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