House of Dandy

74 Tras Street, Singapore 079013 74 Tras Street, Singapore 079013
House of Dandy. Singapore, Singapore

The recent opening of cocktail bar, House of Dandy has been hotly anticipated and where else but the ever trendy Tras St to claim this old English gentlemens’ styled bar as one of its own. Mixologist Zac Mirza, who mixed up some seriously good cocktails as head barista at Nektar, has joined the well-dressed team of dandies and spins out cocktails like the Dandy Threesome ($22), flavoured with lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves. There’s boutique pours like Black Cow vodka made from… cow’s milk. Anyone fancy a truffle vodka martini? There’s also top notch whiskies and cigars (of course). Watch out for “dandy hour” — all day Monday and Tuesday — where the hour you drink dictates your cocktail price… $5 at 5 o’clock? Race you there, mama! Keep an eye out for bar snacks, like cold platters and oysters, that’ll pop up soon too. House of Dandy, 74 Tras Street, Singapore 079013.

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