La Clota neighborhood

2 Carrer de Perea, 08035, Barcelona, Spain 2 Carrer de Perea, 08035, Barcelona, Spain
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La Clota neighborhood. Barcelona, Spain

Situated uptown between the Vall d’hebron and Horta, you will find this small neighborhood, which is very different from the rest of Barcelona. As a matter of fact, you won’t feel like you are in a big city but more likely like you’re in a small village somewhere in the Catalan countryside.

No big buildings, not even a store, just a small bar hidden between two trees. It’s all about stone-houses with their gardens, orange and lemon-trees and vegetable-gardens.

You expect this part of Barcelona, like many others, to have been absorbed by the urbanization of the XX century. But here time seems to stand still. Everything is slow-paced, quiet and peaceful. You can listen to the chirping of the birds, even the smell is different.

It’s an excellent area to stroll around if you want to escape from the crowded centre or just to get the sense like you’re on vacation in the countryside.

To reach it, take the subway until Vall d’Hebron (line 3

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