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Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol, 08002 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol, 08002 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

When you take a stroll through the old streets of Barcelona, you will encounter many little squares. I think one of the most beautiful squares is without doubt “Plaça del Pi”. Actually there are two squares to be found in the shadow of the church Santa Maria del Pi, and they both are close to idyllic to me.

The square on the left side of the church, beholds a little art fair every weekend. The elderly artists of the city come here to put their paintings on display. It’s a cute sight, many of them waiting for a serious customer while sitting calmy under one of the many white parasols. Or they chat happily with their fellow painters and have a flirt with the passing tourist while enjoying the cool shadow provided by the towering trees. I like to stroll in between the many stands or ordering a nice cool beer and sitting down for a while to observe the ‘play’ before my eyes.

On the little square in front of the church, there is often a little farmers market. The salesmen behind the stands offer you a wide range of olive oil, cheese, honeys and herbs from the Catalan countryside. I like to browse through the market full of authentic products form Cataluña. Homemade honey, traditional fuets and cheese or herbal teas, walking gives me a scent of the pure Mediterranean. And if not from the products they sell, then at least from the many blooming citrus trees on the square!

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Plaça del Pi | Art & culture, Relaxing, Shopping
Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol i Pi
Art fair Sat 11:00 – 20:00, Sun 11:00 -14:00 | Organic market 1st & 3rd Fri – Sun of the month


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