Richardpl., 12055 Berlin, Germany Richardpl., 12055 Berlin, Germany
AREA GUAY. Berlin, Germany

This charming and Bohemian time capsule of the neighborhood used to be a part of the historical village of Rixadorf. Walking through Richardplatz is bearing witness to the vestiges of antiquity. The oldest buildings in Neukölln are on or adjacent to Richardplatz. Many of the old village buildings like the church, the blacksmith, and the stein have been preserved and serve as an escape from the bustling cityscape. Additionally, Richardplatz opens up doors to other-worldly pockets like the Comenius-Garden, a nearby public garden that is both furtive and breathtaking. The famous Christmas market also takes place here in the second week of Advent, in addition to other cultural festivities throughout the year. Richardplatz is a socially edifying focal point of Neukölln that acts as a talisman of history while also propelling itself into the future.

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