Banco Via Mercanti 13 Torino

Via mercanti 13, Torino, Italy Via mercanti 13, Torino, Italy
artsy bistrot delicious great wines recommended
Banco Via Mercanti 13 Torino. Torino, Italy

A Piedmontese bistrot where local dishes are revamped with a special touch! You can taste meat and fish bites but the place is famous for it's biodynamic wines from all over the region and Italy.
We paid €50 for softest fried, mini calamari served in a white tin bowl with blue borders (like the old-fashioned ones you'd find in your granny's cupboard); a fried egg dish with hand cut potato chips and a Mini milk bun with milk pork in a spicy mint sauce - literally melts on your mouth. Food was a feast for your taste buds. We tried a glass of bubbles each and a glass of white wine (you can choose between 10cl, 15cl or 20cl which allows you to try out more than one ;) and to round it up we had a chocolate mousse made if raw chocolate with marinated peach. The setting is loud on the street but cosy when you sit inside.

artsy bistrot delicious great wines recommended

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