Angry Man Eats

San Francisco, CA, USA San Francisco, CA, USA
American Pop-Up Street Food
Angry Man Eats. San Francisco, United States

Really good chicken and waffles, but not the traditional home-style type - it's like they took the original greasy, soulful chicken and waffles and made it classy. Really quality food - the waffles are delicious - thick, sugary and reminiscent of the kind you'd find on the street in Belgium (<3!), and the chicken is really well-spiced breaded chicken strips that taste fresh. The hush puppies with pepper jelly are decadent and the collard greens have smoked ham and are the best I've ever had! However - if you're looking for soulful, Roscoe's-style chicken and waffles, this is not the place to go! Check his website to see where he'll be next!

American Pop-Up Street Food

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